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Profiles of speakers presenting at the
2021 ALGIM Conference

Scott Adams

Scott Adams is a Principal Consultant at Effectus. In the last 25 years he has been fortunate to have been in roles that lead to significant positive changes for organisations in Australia and New Zealand. He has a diverse industry background including Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Tourism, Local Government, Tertiary and Telecommunications and has established himself as a proven facilitator of change with a keen interest in the areas of Business and IT Strategy, Information Management, Shared Services and Major Systems. 

Sean Audain

Sean is City Innovation lead at Wellington City Council in New Zealand. Sean’s background is in urban planning and has worked for the past decade exploring and implementing digital city concepts to improve Wellington’s digital inclusion, resilience and deliver smarter local government. Sean has been recognised with national and international awards including Harvard Tech City Innovator for 2020 and ANZ Smart City Public Sector Leader of 2020. Sean serves on several governance bodies understanding and advancing our relationship with technology including the Open Government Partnership and World Economic Forums Global Futures Council.

Bruce Aylward

Bruce Aylward is the founder and CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Psoda, a Wellington-based software company that builds world-class cloud portfolio, programme and project management software.

After graduating Cum Laude from the University of Pretoria with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science Bruce started his career as a rocket scientist in the South African Space Program, where he was responsible for programming the rockets that launched satellites into low earth orbit.

When the space program was disbanded due to international pressure, Bruce moved into the telecoms industry where he worked for multinationals and start-ups in a variety of locations and roles – from solutions architect to project and program manager in countries as diverse as Israel and the UK.

All of this experience culminated in him founding Psoda in 2006 when he emigrated with his family from the UK to New Zealand and, in his own words, realised “there had to be a better way”.

Associate Professor Catherine Ball, ANU

Dr Catherine Ball appears by arrangement with Saxton Speakers Bureau 

Associate Professor, Dr Catherine Ball is a scientific futurist, speaker, advisor, author, founder, executive producer, executive director, company and director working across global projects where emerging technologies meet humanitarian, education and environmental needs. Catherine also likes to create businesses and champion movements, collaborate with peers, and advise game-changers.

A sought-after voice across the start-up, futurist and tech world, Catherine works globally across a wide range of projects from creating documentaries and world leading conferences and events, to advising on the use of novel approaches (e.g. drones) across environmental and humanitarian projects. Catherine is a proponent of community engagement with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and likes to demystify emerging tech.

Having been called a ‘social architect’, Catherine likes to connect people from different backgrounds across common themes. A champion of diversity and inclusion, Catherine believes we need points of difference to truly innovate and curate the changes we want to see in the world. Working to protect the natural environment and empowering all members of society through mutual education are core aspects of the projects Catherine chooses to spend her time and energy on.

Catherine continues to support Australia as being the world leader in the advancement of ethically driven technological applications. Industry 5.0 is emerging; with society and community at the heart of how we operate and curate emerging trends and capabilities.

Catherine is the only Australian on the International Advisory Board of the Schmidt Ocean Institute, which follows her work as a judge on the Ocean Discovery XPrize. A proud #SheFlies ambassador for Girl Geek Academy, and a mentor and advisor to the CEO of Women Who Drone, and a regular mentor to many rising stars across the STEM fields in Australia and abroad, Catherine believes in actively paying it forward.

An Associate Professor at the Australian National University and Honorary Associate Professor at the 3AI Institute; Catherine is leading national conversations around technology and its place in the current and future challenges in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Catherine’s latest business ventures include the internationally renowned World of Drones and Robotics Congress, established in Brisbane in 2017 and the free community resources of World of Drones Education, established in 2018. Catherine is a board director for Aviation Australia; and is on the international advisory board for the Ocean Impact Org, a not-forprofit ecosystem for businesses working towards a healthier ocean.

Catherine holds a BSc Honours (Environmental Protection) and a PhD (Spatial Ecology, Descriptive and Predictive Statistics) from the University of Newcastle- upon-Tyne in the United Kingdom. Catherine lives in Queensland with her husband and two sons.

Emma Barrett

Emma is the Public Services Director for Microsoft, New Zealand

Emma is responsible for growing Microsoft's solutions and services across the public sector in New Zealand. Focused on driving transformation within Microsoft's government customers, she works in pursuit of Microsoft's mission to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. Emma is an active supporter of diversity initiatives and particularly passionate about encouraging more young women into IT careers as well as supporting women to succeed in business leadership roles.

Chris Ben

Chris Ben, the man with two first names, hails from Nintex – an organisation dedicated to improving the way their customers work through process management and automation.  He works as a Senior Solutions Engineer for them. He’s always seeking better, more efficient ways of working and making this available to the people that count – the ones at the coalface.  You will almost certainly hear Chris advocating for an exceptional user experience because he believes there is no point in delivering something that people will struggle to use. Chris is excited to take you on the journey with him to find better ways of working.

Bonita Bigham

Bonita is an uri of Ngāruahine and Te Atiawa iwi and has lived most of her life in Taranaki. A former three-term South Taranaki District councillor and current community board member, Bonita also chairs Te Maruata, the national collective of Māori elected or appointed to governance roles within the local government sector.

She sits on Local Government New Zealand’s National Council and other LGNZ committees. Bonita is an accredited RMA commissioner, has completed her Masters in Fine Arts, finished a Masters in Māori Visual Arts in 2020 and intends to go on to doctoral study. She is also an appointee to the Oranga Marae Committee and was a trustee for Ngāruahine through their settlement process. Bonita has been a trustee on school boards, community organisations, marae and hapū committees and currently works for Ngāruahine within iwi relationships. She is a weaver, painter, sculptor and instillation artist and has a general passion for the visual arts. Bonita is on the National Geographic Board.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield

Dr Ashley Bloomfield is the Director-General of Health and Chief Executive at the Ministry of Health.  

He trained as a medical doctor at the University of Auckland, and later completed a Master’s in Public Health. Dr Bloomfield has held several positions of leadership including Chief Executive at Hutt Valley District Health Board from 2015 to 2018, Director of Public Health, and a stint at the World Health Organization.  

His interests in public health are in the prevention of non-communicable diseases, however recently, Dr Bloomfield’s influential leadership has been on display as part of New Zealand’s Covid-19 pandemic response. 

Paul Brislen 

Paul has been a technology commentator and journalist for 20 years, working for a number of specialist IT publications, television and radio. He's worked in corporate public relations and as a lobbyist for the telco users and today he runs his own consultancy, working with clients such as the Institute of IT Professionals, Datacom, Paymark and many others.

He is Chief Executive of the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum.

Shelley Campbell

Shelley is Manager, Business Connect for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. She has worked in the UK and NZ as a stakeholder engagement specialist for the last 15 years.  She's been championing Business Connect since its' launch in 2019, and working with councils around the country to ensure the platform delivers for them and their business partners.

Vic Crone 

Vic has significant executive and governance experience in technology and innovation. She brings a strong customer focus, and a track record of leading and implementing strategy, and building organisational culture.

Vic was previously the Managing Director of Xero NZ and New Markets, following executive roles at Chorus and Telecom New Zealand.

Vic is Chair of the Stats NZ Advisory Board and Figure NZ Board. She has also been an independent director on the boards of a number of companies and organisations in the technology sector, including RedShield, Creative HQ and the Hi-Tech Trust.

Wayne Dellow

Wayne has over 30 years extensive expertise working in business development. He has a genuine passion for what he does and has the ability to understand and meet people right where they are.

His refined talent to decipher and deliver the profile results in a personalised interpretation is truly next level. With specialised business knowledge and people skills he can make a significant difference to the way teams work together by helping workplaces achieve quality connections within.

Michael Dreyer

Michael Dreyer is the General Manager of National Digital Services and Chief Technology Officer at the Ministry of Health. The team provide shared national health IT Services such as the National Health Index, Payments, Screening and Registers (Cancer, Immunisation, etc). During the Covid response Michael established and ran the Contact Tracing Service and has lead the delivery of technology for the response. This includes the new National Contact Tracing Solution, the Border Management systems and the COVID-19 Vaccine and Immunisation Programme. 

Prior to his current role he worked for ten years at Contact Energy, finishing as Acting General Manager ICT where he lead a migration to cloud services. He has a Master’s Degree in Forestry Science (Cant.). He spent his early career running digital transformations in London and also driving superyachts in the Mediterranean.

Michael Dugina 

Michael Dugina, Executive Director Customer and Corporate Services, City of Greater Geelong has over 20 years’ experience in finance and technology, in particular supporting and delivering major organisational change programs across the education, health, not for profit and government sectors. Michael is currently Executive Director Customer and Corporate Services for the City of Greater Geelong and is responsible for the delivery of the City’s digital modernisation and civic accommodation projects the outcome of which is to transform both customer and employee experience.

April George

Senior Solutions Engineer for Okta, April is an identity and access management specialist with over 12 years experience across both the public and private sector. She has helped businesses of all sizes achieve their IAM goals, from strategy and architecture to deployment and support.

Adrian Hall

Adrian Hall

Adrian is the co-owner of Citrus Consulting Group, which is a New Zealand based company providing specialist consultancy, sales and professional services around data management and the move to private, hybrid and public cloud. Citrus Consulting deliver solutions, alongside their partners, which help businesses reduce the risk, cost and complexity of moving to the Cloud. They help speed up ROI, and assist them with a roadmap to digital transformation. 

While working with a diverse range of clients from the largest global technology vendors, and multi-national corporations, to local public & private enterprise as well as the public sector, he is always striving to innovate and find new ways to release the full potential of technology.

His days in IT started when a PC with a 40MB hard disk was considered excessive. When cloud was a bureau, when big data was measured in GB and DR was just two guys swapping floppy disks in a motorway service station. Things are very different now but his passion for technology has not waivered. 

Wendy Hamilton

Wendy Hamilton is General Manager Data System Capability at StatsNZ and part of the Government Chief Data Steward function, aiming to provide system leadership to central government and uplift the data maturity of the government data system. In New Zealand Wendy has had roles in large government agencies such as Chief Data Steward at Education and Director Data & Information at Justice. Her professional background includes the adoption of new technologies to enable business change at leading global technology organisations in Britain, Europe and the United States and delivering data warehouse and insight services for a large British telecommunications provider.

In these roles she has been responsible for the safe, appropriate and ethical collection, management and use of data for informed decision making at all levels to support operational practice and policy setting. This has involved setting strategic direction of enterprise information and data management, obtaining insight from data by building solid data and analytics foundations and capability. 

Her current focus is building partnerships across New Zealand’s central government data system and leading responses to cross system challenges.

Dr Dan Harvey 

Dan is (probably) New Zealand’s foremost expert on rattlesnakes, having completed his PhD on how the creatures adapt to the cold in his native Canada. Having found few snake-related opportunities on moving to New Zealand, he has leaned into his interest in data science and digital systems, eventually finding a home at the Ministry for the Environment working on monitoring of the RMA. He is currently looking at ways that digital technologies and associated practices may need to shift in response to changes to the RMA.

In previous roles Dan has assessed the impact of small business ICT adoption on productivity, estimated insulation rates across New Zealand, developed a database for home build guarantees, and built primers to identify traces of DNA in water. He is motivated by a desire for greater visibility and understanding of the consequences of decisions made about the natural and built environment. 

Sarah Heal

Sarah is an enthusiastic advocate for the power of information. She is Director and Co-founder of Information Leadership.

In her 10+ years at Information Leadership she has enjoyed how their three person alliance, with the same number of clients, has turned into something much bigger.

Now acknowledged as thought leaders in the information and knowledge management spaces, more than 200 customers provide great opportunities to understand how actionable information transforms the lives of people and the organisations they serve.

Bridget Hewson

Bridget is the New Zealand Deputy Ombudsman.  She has held that position since 2013, supporting five New Zealand Ombudsmen over that time.  As Deputy Ombudsman, Bridget is responsible for operational leadership, organisational performance and risk manage of the Office with all core Ombudsman functions and business groups reporting to her. Bridget first started work at the Office in 1996 as an investigator and has held a variety of positions within the office since then. She has led public interest investigations and inquiries into the actions, decisions and practices of government agencies, delivered presentations both domestically and internationally on the work and decisions of the New Zealand Ombudsman, and been a member of a variety of advisory and steering groups considering the integrity and transparency of government, intelligence, and oversight of bodies' work practices.

In addition, Bridget was an information law and public policy consultant engaged by national and regional/local public sector agencies in New Zealand for five years. She also worked in London, UK as a commercial and corporate litigation lawyer. Her qualifications include admission as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand and Bachelor degrees in Laws and Arts (History) with a minor in Political Science and International Relations from Victoria University Wellington.  Bridget is currently completing an Executive Certificate in Public Leadership at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. 

Colin Holden

Colin Holden is General Manager System Strategy and Initiatives in the Digital Public Service Branch at Te Tari Taiwhenua, the Department of Internal Affairs. He leads the Branch’s work on system and strategic initiatives, which are aligned with the Strategy for a Digital Public Service. The Strategy sets the direction to modernise and transform the public service, putting citizens and businesses at the centre of government services. It’s committed to the unified Public Service, and focuses on the people, behaviours and government system settings that will enable a modern public service to implement, adapt and grow in a rapidly changing environment.  


Mike Jagusgh

Mike is Manager Mission Enablement at the National Cyber Security Centre. Every day, the NCSC protects New Zealand and its interests. The NCSC focuses on the cyber resilience of New Zealand’s nationally significant organisations. NCSC offers detection, disruption, advice and deterrence functions to support public and private sector organisations. 

Mike has had several roles within NCSC and a broad experience within cyber security. Mike has worked in customer engagement, providing organisations security advice and guidance at both a practitioner and governance level. Mike also had significant involvement in the roll-out of CORTEX capabilities. Previously, Mike has been involved in the more ‘hands-on’ aspects of cyber security in his role managing the systems engineering team who design, build, maintain and evolve NCSC’s cyber security capabilities.

In his current role, Mike is focussed on delivering strategic outcomes by leveraging the expertise of the entire NCSC. Mike’s teams provide communications, policy, stakeholder engagement and business support. 

Ziena Jalil

Ziena Jalil is an award-winning business and public sector leader, who draws on a rich experience of many worlds to bring equity and opportunity to those with diverse cultures, abilities and experiences. She holds several governance roles across public, private and charity sectors; consults  on strategy and stakeholder engagement, and  is a keynote speaker and commentator on leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion, Asia business, and nation branding. 

Ziena has helped some of New Zealand’s largest businesses build their reputation and revenue, advised Ministers, and supported the growth of women and young people from Māori, Pacific and ethnic communities into professional careers. Recognised by Campaign Asia Pacific as part of its 2020 Women to Watch, a group of 40 outstanding women in the Asia Pacific, Ziena has received several international awards for her work promoting New Zealand trade and education in Asia, and advises businesses looking to grow in the region. 

Kurt Janssen

Kurt Janssen is a geographer and geospatialist by trade, with a passion for emerging technology and just about anything to do with data. Kurt has an BSc Hons (Geography) from the University of Canterbury and was the 2016 NZSEA Young Professional of the Year. He worked for central government and private companies in New Zealand and the United States before establishing award-winning geospatial consultancy Orbica in February 2017.  

Kurt is Chief Executive of Orbica - a company inspired by his passion for thinking outside of the box and combining technologies to create better, more innovative solutions with location data.  Watch this space!

Glenn Johnstone

Glenn is responsible for the leadership and strategic direction of Vodafone’s Information and Communications Technology practices. He is passionate about curating an ecosystem to build the secure cloud, collaboration, communication, IoT and cybersecurity propositions that can help businesses reimagine how they connect with their world. 

Before Vodafone, Glenn was the CEO of WorldxChange. He has a background in modern communication technologies, financial valuation, commercial contracts, and large acquisitions & capital projects with a Business Degree majoring in Finance. Glenn has also volunteered as a Chairperson and Board member for organisations like Doc Edge and Auckland Coastguard respectively.

Matt Lane

Matt is the Customer Experience Manager at Wellington City Council and since October 2021 has been working as the Service Designer for Te Matapihi (the new Central Library) which will incorporate the Customer Service Centre currently operating out of temporary premises. 

He has worked for Wellington City Council since June 2016 starting as Digital Services Manager running the website, development and applications support teams.

Matt is unashamedly a customer champion, and developed the Customer Approach for Wellington City Council.

Tony Krzyzewski

Tony Krzyzewski has over forty-five year’s experience in information systems in New Zealand and internationally, with direct involvement in information security and related services for the past twenty-six years. Tony is the New Zealand Convenor for  International Standards Organisation, Standards Committee 27. In this role he holds this nation's vote on the progression and final approval of ISO/IEC information security, cybersecurity, cryptography and privacy protection standards. He is a Global Cyber Alliance Ambassador and Center for Internet Security CIS Controls Ambassador.

Sasha Lord

Sasha is on a mission to put the customer at the centre of Government.  Sasha is the Manager Citizen Connect at Manningham Council, responsible for the development and implementation of a customer experience program.  Sasha has considerable experience in leading teams, and has a strong customer, people and performance focus.  

Jacqui Maguire 

Jacqui Maguire is a clinical psychologist on a mission to make gold standard psychological evidence and strategies accessible to all New Zealanders. As a prominent mental health thought leader, she harnesses her exceptional  communication skills, traditional media and modern technology to promote wellbeing and fight against our nation’s mental health crisis. Jacqui draws attention to challenges that could otherwise remain invisible in public discussion, and provides clear pathways for meaningful change.

Her professional career has been anchored in corporate wellbeing; providing wellbeing and mental health support across the public and private sector. 

She is TVNZ's go-to psychologist and a regular contributor to Stuff, NZ Herald, Radio New Zealand and Newstalk ZB. She is also the founder of the #1 ranking Mind Brew podcast, where she has interviewed some of the world's leading psychologists.

Mike Manson

Mike is Chief Executive of ALGIM. He has worked in the Local Government Sector for over 40 years in a variety of roles from ICT Management, Client Relationships, Business Development, and Customer Service Management.  He has been Chief Executive for over ten years and previously, ALGIM President.

During his 40 years at Palmerston North City Council, he spearheaded high-profile projects including a major shopping complex – now Palmerston North’s Plaza Shopping Centre, Te Apiti wind farm, and many innovative technology projects.

In 1989 Mike had invented and rolled out the world’s first bar-coded election systemAround the same time, he also co-invented New Zealand’s first searchable computerised cemetery system: a project that took workers a good year of keying in data from the region’s cemetery books.

Managing Palmerston North City Council's after hours customer service, he created a shared service which now manages after-hours calls for 30 local authorities.

Jannat Maqbool

Jannat is an Australian-born Punjabi and mother of three based in Waikato, New Zealand. She is a CPA and former CIO with a Masters in Digital Business and is actively engaged in the New Zealand technology ecosystem. With a focus on leveraging technology in innovative ways to benefit people and the planet, Jannat is the Interim Executive Director at Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand. 

Jonathan Moffat

Jonathan has worked in local government information and records management since 2004, with both Tasman District and Nelson City Councils, Jonathan has contributed to the updates of a number of ALGIM Toolkit modules, and was a key driver of Tasman District Council's award winning digital transformation Project Doris (Microsoft's 2020 Empowering Employees Partner of the Year). Jonathan enjoys finding creative solutions to problems and ways to make IRM engaging and simple for end users, and challenging perceptions of the role of the records manager. He has worked for ALGIM as Information Management Lead since February 2022.

James Mowat

James is the Engagement Lead at LINZ, responsible for the major Landonline and property system external engagements including the programme to modernise Landonline. James is a land administration professional long involved in electronic land registration and associated services. During 2013 to 2015 James led the business case approval processes to future-proof the delivery of New Zealand's Land Title and Cadastral Survey system. Whilst a land lawyer by training he takes an interest in all aspects of the property system, including cadastral, property data, and council land development processes.

Mel Neumann

Mel works at Ashburton District Council as a Graduate Policy Advisor, after studying a Bachelor of Science at Lincoln University. She has been involved with the transition to LocoDelegations at ADC since beginning her role in 2020.

Stephen Nott

Steve joined Desktop Imaging in 2015 and bought with him 20 plus years of industry knowledge and experience. Initially working in the banking and finance sector before moving into other corporate environments which lead to specialising in digitisation and workflow activities. As Customer Relationship Manager, he plays an active role setting up and providing ongoing support to all Desktop Imaging customers with special emphasis placed on continuous improvement and change management.

Jim Palmer

Jim is Chair of the Local Government Reform Committee.

Jim retired as the Chief Executive of Waimakariri District Council in 2021 after 17 years. Currently, he is the independent chair of the Greater Christchurch Partnership. He is a chartered accountant with experience as an audit director for Audit New Zealand and the Audit Office. Jim has had a wide range of prior governance experience on various groups including Co-chair of Canterbury Interim Regional Skills Leadership Group and Canterbury COVID-19 Recovery Oversight Group, Chair of the Kaikōura Earthquake Recovery Steering Group and Chair of the Canterbury Chief Executives Forum.

Stephen Ponsford

As CEO for Qrious, Stephen is passionate about transforming Kiwi businesses through the power of data, analytics and AI. He has a career spanning over 22 years, with close to 10 years at Qrious, starting in his former role as the firm’s Chief Technology Officer. 

Stephen particularly values leading an organisation that is purpose-led and value-driven, with a strong focus on projects of

national significance. His extensive experience in implementing cutting-edge technology helps NZ organisations win big on a global stage and improve domestic outcomes in both private and public sectors.  

Stephen helps to explore, inspire and evangelise the new world of data and analytics for NZ organisations who are increasingly placing a greater value on the opportunities to use data, analytics and AI 


Kevin Rapson

Kevin Rapson

Kevin is the co-owner of Citrus Consulting Group, which is a New Zealand based company providing specialist consultancy, sales and professional services around data management and the move to private, hybrid and public cloud. 

Citrus Consulting deliver solutions, alongside their partners, which help businesses reduce the risk, cost and complexity of moving to the Cloud. They help them speed up ROI, and also assist them with a roadmap to digital transformation. 
While working with a diverse range of clients from the largest global technology vendors, and multi-national corporations, to local public & private enterprise as well as the public sector, Kevin is always striving to find new ways for his clients to utilise the power of technology and develop innovative ways to do business. Fundamentally profit growth for his customers is what he strives for and improved efficient data management can assist this goal. He is motivated by seeing the results of providing his customers with reliable technology and excellent solutions which meet their needs. He would rather not make a sale if his best solution does not fit his customer's business requirements. At the end of the day, his customers trust him - that is all the motivation he needs.

Wendy Shaw

Wendy is Secretary of New Zealand Geographic Society, Land Information New Zealand, Toitū Te Whenua Wendy Shaw is the Secretary for the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aoteraroa, an independent statutory body of government administered by Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand. The Board's role is to make place names official in New Zealand, its continental shelf and the Ross Dependency of Antarctica. 

The Board's role is to make place names official in New Zealand, its continental shelf and the Ross Dependency of Antarctica. Wendy manages a small Secretariat to support the Board's mahi. This includes advising, processing and consulting on place name proposals to help the Board make standardised, consistent and accurate decisions that are informed, robust and enduring, and which benefit all New Zealanders. 

Leon Sheehan

Chief Executive Digital Island, part of the Spark Business Group. With over 20 years’ ICT experience across NZ and the UK Leon has developed a reputation as an expert in client centricity by driving improvements in CX – which he believes is a key enabler for business success. He is passionate about driving business growth and nurturing strong stakeholder relationships with clients and partners. Leon’s thought leadership revolves around how communication and optimisation work in synergy, as key drivers for business growth.  

Leon is hyper-focussed on delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions that focus on producing exceptional customer value. He has a proven track record in identifying and winning new markets and channels through business innovation and change management.

Leon has a keen understanding around maintaining brand momentum, prudent cost management, and building effective sales and service. 

Donna Smith

Donna is the Team Leader Administration with Nelson City Council.  One of the first tasks she was given was the delegations manual.  She has worked with numerous databases throughout her career and is recognised as a subject matter expert.  Over the years she has worked alongside developers to produce systems for the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice.

Nelson City Council were using a Word document to manage their delegations which was cumbersome so Donna was excited to implement Locodelegations in its' place.

Barbara Stuart

Barbara has been in the communications and contact centre industry for over 30 years, and held many different roles from user training and technical writing to product management and marketing. For 15 years Barbara was product manager for the Zeacom contact centre solution, working with customers and partners around the world to understand the needs and drivers for contact centre innovation in the industry. In her current role she closely follows industry developments in all regions, developing content designed to assist contact centre professionals in understanding current and new industry technology.

Dr Leigh Tait

Dr Leigh Tait is a marine ecologist at NIWA and a senior lecturer at the University of Canterbury. Leigh is passionate about the application of emerging technologies to reverse the data deficit we face in managing our coasts and oceans, especially as we confront the uncertain consequences of climate change. At NIWA he currently leads the development and application of drones for managing natural resources on behalf of central and regional government agencies. 

Scott Tansley 

Scott is a geographer at heart but somehow crossed over to the dark side of IT about 15 years ago.  He spent ten years working within Local and Central government in the UK and was a GIS user/developer for eight.  As a technologist, he specialises in Esri technology.  He loves breaking technology down into language that people can relate to through stories, analogies and pictures.

Having lived in NZ for over ten years, he primarily supported Central Government as an employee of various consultancies and has worked for Stats NZ.  His customers included MPI, Stats NZ, NZTA, CERA, LINZ, MfE and others.  Scott previously worked for the North-South GIS, e-Spatial and Eagle.  In each, he spent time on client sites growing capability and relationship.

Scott formed geoworx in 2019 and has since worked with several Local Government clients.  He uses his past experiences to understand their pain point and find appropriate solutions that empower their GIS operations.  Having managed vendors, technology and upgrade cycles as a customer, Scott strives to help his clients get future-ready and not be burdened by the complexities of upgrades.  As Geoworx, Scott holds the Esri speciality for being release ready.

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is currently SVP, Business Development for RedShield, a web application security operational managed services company.

Formed by a group of frustrated security researchers and security vendor employees, RedShield solves the practical issues of deploying effective web application security.

Matt has been at RedShield for the last seven years after a 25 year career with security vendors such as F5, Cisco, Juniper and Nokia.

Sir Ian Taylor

Ian’s story is a fascinating journey, from growing up in a house without electricity in the 1950s, to being part of a company recognised globally as being at the leading edge of technology and innovation.

A former television presenter for TVNZ children's programmes like Play School, Spot On, and New Zealand's Funniest Home Videos, his very public life started when he joined the band Kal-Q-Lated Risk in 1967 as lead singer. After a stint in the army in the 1970s Ian went on to complete an LLB degree from the University of Otago before setting up Taylormade Media, a television production company in 1989.

The following year he established Animation Research Limited, which quickly became one of the top computer animation companies in New Zealand and known internationally for its work, particularly in television advertising and sports graphics.

Its' sports division, Virtual Eye, provides award winning graphics globally across a wide range of sports. This year marks almost 30 years since they developed the first graphics for The America’s Cup back in San Diego in 1992. In 2014 they won a prestigious Sports Emmy for Outstanding New Approaches to Sports Coverage, and they have been recognised by the New Zealand Hi Tech Trust with a special Life Time Achievement Award.

At a personal level. Taylor was inducted into the New Zealand Technology Hall of Fame in 2009 and was named North & South Magazines 2010 New Zealander of the Year. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Institute of IT Professionals (HFIITP) in 2010 (under its former name New Zealand Computer Society), the top honour of the tech sector in New Zealand.

In the 2012 New Year Honours, Taylor was appointed a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to television and business. In 2013 Taylor was named Outstanding Maori Business Leader of the Year.

On 13 February 2019, Taylor was named Innovator of the Year at the annual New Zealander of the Year Awards. Awards organisers cited Taylor's business intuition and expertise as an exemplar of innovation in New Zealand.

In 2020 Taylor was named the Deloitte 200 Visionary Leader of the Year. What fewer people may know is that it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

Karen Thomas

As the Chief Executive at Taituarā, Karen is a significant player in the debates around 3 Waters Reform. Karen has been Chief Executive since September 2011 and has responsibility for fulfilling the Taituarā vision to promote and support professional excellence in local government. Over this time she has introduced leadership development for the sector, grown the membership and ensured that guidance and practice advice is updated regularly. Karen has established extensive local government networks overseas and regularly utilises these contacts to the benefit of the New Zealand local government sector.

Karen’s previous roles have included Chief Executive at the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and Regional Assistant Commissioner at the State Services Commission where she led the development of the proposal to establish the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), a world-leading educational institution.

Dr Kimberley Tuapawa

Kimberley is Group Manager Information and Customer Experience at Wairoa District Council.  She is a distinguished academic with over 13 years in higher education and six years leadership and corporate experience in local government. Her research has focused on understanding human experiences using technology in tertiary environments. In 2018 she returned to her hometown to take up the group manager role.

Brent White

Information Services Manager, Business Connect MBIE

Dave Wild

As a Creative Futurist living on the edge of the world in New Zealand, Dave has presented on stages and screens across the globe from South Auckland to Sydney to San Francisco. Unique to his approach is a Futurist focus on the new, which he applies when facilitating strategy sessions and coaching Futurework skills for clients such as Microsoft, Xero, Auckland Council, Wellington City Council, Department of Internal Affairs and ALGIM. 

As a Futurist Dave Wild can show you how to see the future more clearly.

How? First by detecting the signals of the future that are all around you. Then innovating to shift from predicting the future to creating it.

Simon Yorke

Principal Consultant, Solutions Development Aurecon

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