Workshop - How good is your team?  How do you know?

The speed and complexity of work now requires a new approach to getting work done. Teams are a critical productivity unit for organisations in managing an everchanging VUCA world.  Unfortunately, in many organisations it is easy for teams to be average. For example, an agile team’s focus on process and speed and inattention to the behavioural and relational aspects of working together may mean a constant struggle to establish psychological safety in their team.  Or their tight internal focus gets in the way of understanding the changing world of the customer. At an enterprise level teams of teams need to be aligned for the beneficial value of their key stakeholders and the wider system at play.

Regardless of what your team is set up to do, and what tools they use, there are some critical elements that if put in place early will accelerate their performance and value they are creating.

This interactive workshop will outline the mix of science and pragmatism that is needed for helping managers and their organisations to take a comprehensive and coordinated approach to improving team performance.

We will cover

  • Using teams  – it’s a strategic choice
  • Team performance v team building
  • Defining and measuring team effectiveness
  • Did Google’s Aristotle Project get it right?
  • The ROI on team effectiveness – organization performance, customer satisfaction, employee benefit.
  • Team set-up – a fast start
  • Aligning and managing the team of teams at an enterprise level
  • Has COVID and remote working changed how we should think about teams?  
  • Where leadership and team coaching fits in

About the presenter 

Bruce is an experienced facilitator and team coach who works with clients across many industry sectors in New Zealand and internationally. He is the owner and global lead of the Team Alchemy System, a statistically robust and pragmatic approach for measuring and developing workplace teams. Bruce is a Certified Practitioner in Team Coaching (ICF, ITCA EMCC) and is a Faculty Member of the Global Team Coaching Institute. Bruce works directly with clients and supports the international Team Alchemy network of Facilitator-Coaches.

Team Alchemy has been measuring teams and tracking team performance for nearly 20 years. If you get teams right there are clear and positive correlations with business performance, customer satisfaction and employee benefit. 

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