Breakfast sessions Tuesday 22 November 7:15am - 8.50am Conway Rooms

The power of Promapp automation with Nintex sponsored by Desktop Imaging

Navigate your process improvement journey with confidence. Get your roadmap to process intelligence and automation with Nintex.

Join our breakfast event, where we will give you a roadmap to process excellence, no matter where you are in your process improvement journey. During this session, you will walk away with the foundation for success and understand what tools you have available to simplify the journey.

  • Understand the processes in your organisation so everyone knows what they’re doing.
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement using automation so everyone can focus on what they love doing.
  • Explore how to optimise your processes for better efficiency so everyone can be more effective with what they are doing.

Take advantage of this session so you can navigate your process improvement journey with confidence and drive competitive advantage for organisational success.


  • Welcome
  • Why Process matters?
  • Why process improvement is critical for innovation?
  • What are the three pillars of process improvement?
  • How Nintex can simplify process improvement.
  • Communicating processes across the organisation.
  • Identifying processes that are key candidates for automation.
  • Reporting on process statistics to continuously improve organisational efficiencies.
  • Q&A.

Speaker Marcus Platt, Technical Channel Enablement Manager, Nintex

        Outcome Having a roadmap for ongoing process improvement across your entire organisation.

        Why should I attend?

        1.    Understand what your next step is within your process improvement journey.

        2.    Unlock efficiency within your organisation by understanding what processes are prime candidates for automation.

        3.    Adopt a continuous improvement mindset to cultivate innovation.

        The road to cyber resilient local government sponsored by Fortinet

        Come and join us at the customer Q&A with Hastings District Council over breakfast on how MESH architecture is helping the council achieve its' digital transformation and build cyber resilience.

        In this Q&A session with Hastings District Council, we will identify a number of key challenges that local governments face in their security posture and environments that are becoming more complex and distributed, thereby making threat detection and response increasingly difficult.

        Hastings District Council, like other councils, are in their journey to overcome these challenges and build a cyber resilient council through digital transformation. We will endeavour to understand what cybersecurity strategies are placed to reduce operational complexity whilst ensuring compliance and maintaining control.

        Presented by

        Joshua Alcock, Principal Security Strategist, Fortinet

        Warren Perry, Chief Information Officer, Hastings District Council

        Aaron McWilliams

        IT Operations Team Lead, Hastings District Council

        Questions and discussions include:

        • Overview of the cybersecurity challenges encountered
        • Addressing the challenges from solutions search to implementation process
        • Challenges and achievements
        • Benefits and transformation
        • Learning and future plans
        • Questions from the audience

        Data governance on-premise and in the cloud, ensuring your data is safe, compliant and in the right place, at the right time for the right cost sponsored by Citrus Consulting

        Compliance and data protection is becoming more and more difficult and critical to achieve.

        Join our breakfast event, where we will help you with your roadmap to more cost-effective cloud services, no matter where you are in your cloud journey. While also helping to ensure your data is stored in a compliant manner to meet New Zealand privacy laws.

        After this session, you will leave with the realisation that there are more cost effective, local New Zealand owned cloud solutions at a consistent and predictable monthly fee, with no unpleasant surprises. On average, 30%-40% less than other cloud services. 

        • Avoid litigation through non-compliance
        • Free workshops to help with understanding your cloud journey
        • Embrace local and public cloud systems for the right service and price.
        • Reduce costs with efficient data management with the help of AI/ML. 
        • Take advantage of this session so you can better understand how to embrace your cloud journey without unpleasant surprises.


        • Welcome
        • What cloud options you have
        • Governance using AI/ML tools
        • Data Protection
        • Take advantage of workshops to help with your cloud journey
        • Q&A.

        Speakers; Adrian Hall and  Kevin Rapson. Citrus Consulting Directors

        Outcome Having a roadmap for better data management and governance while achieving a more cost-effective IT service.

        Why should I attend?

        1.    Understand what your next step is within your cloud journey.

        2.    Understanding your data to help avoid litigation.

        3.    Lower your IT costs.

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