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cybersecurity awareness training

Exclusive pricing for ALGIM members

Attackers are always looking for the easiest way into council systems, which is why it's important for everyone in your organisation to have a good awareness of information security.

ALGIM has partnered with IT security specialists SSS to provide exclusive pricing on training for all ALGIM members. This training is suitable for all staff and takes a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity awareness.

The Training

The training has three main methods that can be delivered as part of a whole programme, or separately as stand-alone modules. It also provides continuous development for staff. Learning the basics of cybersecurity and keeping them reinforced is an ongoing process. 

  1. Classroom sessions for a general or technical audience, tailored with your key messages. These can be delivered online via Zoom.
  2. Phriendly Phishing online training to help staff recognise phishing attempts
  3. Keep Secure 5 - web-based training that goes into greater detail on how security threats and the reasons behind them

With SSS' training, staff will build a strong foundation of knowledge that will help keep your organisation more secure for the long-term.

For a detailed overview of the training, you can check out the course brochure.

To discuss your cybersecurity training needs please complete your details on the Registration of Interest form and we will be in touch. 

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