Using Zoom? Consider these security and privacy issues

9 Apr 2020 1:57 PM | Anonymous

Zoom provides a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Since the COVID-19 situation many Councils are using Zoom to communicate with staff, conduct workshops and have meetings.

Its big appeal is how easy it is to use, with up to 100 people able join a meeting for free. However, it also has its share of issues, many of which stem from the fact that it has gone from 10 million daily users to 200 million in a matter of weeks - something that really highlights flaws in their system.

You should be aware that because Zoom is easy to use it is also easy for others to "bomb" open Zoom meetings by guessing the meeting ID.  To prevent this you should implement passwords for all of your meetings to ensure uninvited people are not able to join.

Zoom should not be used for meetings where confidential or highly sensitive topics are discussed as Zoom has issues with privacy and security. Please do not record meetings just because you can. If they are meetings where minutes are usually taken then continue to take minutes of the meeting and do not rely on the recordings. If they are meetings when no minutes are taken then there is no reason to record the meeting.

Zoom is a great tool and is safe to use for most meetings. To ensure confidential and sensitive information remains secure please avoid using Zoom for meetings when confidential and sensitive topics are discussed.

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