ALGIM carries out an annual survey of all local government websites throughout New Zealand.

This is done to recognise those councils who are working to comply with web standards and enhance accessibility, and provide an overview of trends in the local government sector.

There are two main objectives of the ALGIM survey:

1. To identify a ranking of sites - celebrate those councils working to achieve compliance with web standards, enhance accessibility, and functionality; and provide justification for councils wishing to improve their site.

2. To record the current state of standards compliance, functionality, online services, accessibility, and best practice amongst council websites. Audit results over time allow the trends in council sites to be tracked.

Each website is audited using the below criteria.

We also produce reports that are available for ordering at our Spring Conference, which provide a detailed report on how your website performed, and where it can be improved.

The major changes between the 2018 and 2019 Web Audit are:

  • A sample test of webpages for accessibility will replace the 2018 automated system test.
  • Web Accessibility Standards 2.1 will now be tested
  • Six items from the 2018 Best Practice section have been shifted to a new section called Web Usability Standard
  • A UX sample testing assessment will be undertaken
  • The timeliness section that tested enquiries through social media and email has been removed from the web audit. These will now be tested as part of the ALGIM Best Customer Experience criteria.

These reports are a reflection of your website at the time the assessment was carried out, and don't reflect changes made since the review period.

The 2019 Web Audit Snapshot Survey is closed. 

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