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Exciting New Additions to Our Training Programme

We’re thrilled to introduce our new scheduled instructor-led online training. We’re kicking off with the Windows 10, Word and Excel Skill Boosters, and sessions within the Microsoft Teams 100 series. 

Online 2 hour schedules sessions available from 9am to 9pm NZT 
Cost: $150 + GST per person

To accommodate your busy schedules, we’re offering evening training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each session lasts approximately 2
As we move into 2024, we’ll be adding more sessions and topics, including Microsoft 365 Overview, additional Teams topics, OneDrive and SharePoint File Management, Power BI, and even more from the Microsoft 365 apps.

Skills Booster Sessions AVAILABLE NOW!! - Windows 10, Word and Excel and Teams
Please note that Microsoft Teams will be used for all training sessions. 

The perfect productivity skills boosters for users of Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel and Teams. Essential for all users regardless of what level they are at or how many years they have been using these products. Designed to make you work more efficiently and with less headaches - every user will boost their skills. 

About ALGIM’s Microsoft User Training
We help local government authorities train their users and create champions and trainers. At ALGIM, we offer a variety of training options to suit your council’s needs. Our programs are designed to enhance your team’s skills and productivity. Sessions are conducted by a highly rated Microsoft certified Applications Specialist who is also a Microsoft certified Master Instructor with over 3 decades of international training experience. Choose from our scheduled online sessions open to all council staff or opt for private on-site training tailored to your team’s requirements.

Our Recommended Training Plan

1. Skills Boosters: Kickstart your training journey with our highly-rated Windows, Word, and Skills Boosters. These sessions are designed to bring all users up to speed, including advanced users. They also help create evangelists within your teams, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

2. Microsoft 365 Overview: We strongly recommend all councils to hold this session for all staff with a Microsoft 365 account. This high-level overview ensures that users are aware of the various apps available to them, enabling them to make informed decisions about which apps will boost their productivity.

3. In-depth App Training: After the Microsoft 365 Overview, attendees can choose to attend more detailed training on the apps they find most useful.

4. Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint File Management Training: Most councils book these sessions for most of their staff after the Skills Boosters and Microsoft 365 Overview.

5. Word and Excel Training: Staff can choose the relevant level of Word or Excel training based on their skill level identified in the Skills Boosters.

6. Power BI Training and more Microsoft 365 apps: This is offered to staff who require it. We also gauge interest for any other sessions we offer.

Microsoft Word

Windows 10

Microsoft  Excel

·  Discover on screen tools you've missed

·  Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar Tips

·  How to create a new line vs a new paragraph  correctly!

·  The crucial difference between Lines & Paragraphs

·  The important difference between Grammatic Paragraphs and Word Paragraphs 

·  How lines vs paragraph impact formatting

·  Navigation and Selection Tips

·  Bullets and Numbering

·  Multi-Level Numbering

·  Introduction to Styles

·  Why you want to use the Navigation Pane

·  Quickly create a Table of Contents

·  Introduction to Templates


·  Discover on screen tools you've missed

·  Use the Start Button quicker

·  Taskbar Tips

·  Use Jump Lists

·  Find Files, Settings and Apps

·  File Explorer Tips

·  Use Action Center

·  Airplane Mode and WIFI

·  Night Light

·  Sign Out/Log off, Switch User

·  Sleep, Restart, Shut Down

·  Multitasking

·  Use Task View

·  Snap and Manipulate Windows


·  Discover on screen tools you've missed

·  Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar Tips

·  Navigate quickly  in Excel

·  Introduction to Range names

·  Moving and Copying Data

·  Spell Check

·   AutoFill feature tips

·  The power of Flash Fill

·  Discover quick analysis

·  Introduction to PivotTables


Microsoft Teams 101

Microsoft Teams 102

Microsoft Teams 103

·  What is Microsoft Teams?

·  Tour the Teams Screen

·  Work with Status Indicators

·  Searching in Teams

·  / commands

·  Keyboard Shortcuts

·  Teams Settings

·  Notification Settings

·  Using Chat including Tips and Tools

·  Scheduling Meetings from a Chat

·  About Loop Components

·  Teams Mobile App

·  Getting Help


·  When to communicate privately or in a Team

·  Send messages and start conversations

·  The Number One mistake when communicating in Team Channels and how to avoid it

·  Reply to messages and conversations

·  Send important or urgent messages and conversations

·  Format messages and conversations

·  Send announcements

·  Send conversations or announcements to multiple Teams and Channels at once

·  React to messages and conversations

·  Edit messages and conversations

·  Delete messages and conversations

·  Save messages and conversations

·  View Saved messages and conversations

·  Un-save messages and conversations

·  Find messages and conversations

·  Get and send links to conversations 

·  Invite team members

·  Invite external guests

·  Meet Now

·  Invite people before or during meetings

·  Schedule future Meetings

·  Meet in a channel

·  Meet in a Private Chat

·   Set Meeting Options

·  Join a meeting

·  See meeting Participants

·  Dial others into a Meeting

·   Have a Meeting call you on your phone if you have audio issues on your computer

·  Get and send a Meeting invite links

·  Share your screen

·  Share your desktop

·  Give, request and revoke access to a shared screen

·  Stop sharing a screen

·   Share a specific application window

·  Share and present a PowerPoint file 

Upcoming Online Training Sessions

Onsite & Online Training

ALGIM can deliver IT User Training to you and your council. Our trainers have over 30 years' experience in the sector and can come to your council or train you and your team online.

Whether you want to collaborate more with Microsoft Teams, see what SharePoint is capable of, or simply excel at Excel and more, we’ve got you covered. Only pay for what you need, as we tailor the training to your council’s needs. 

Flexible Training Options
We understand that every council is unique.
 That’s why we offer three training options:

• Scheduled Online Training: Instructor-led sessions open to any council staff.
• Booked Online Training: Customisable, instructor-led sessions exclusive to your council.
• On-Site Training: Customisable, instructor-led sessions held at your council’s location.

We’re committed to helping councils enhance their productivity and return on investment.
Start your training journey with us today!

Book an on-site trainer for all Microsoft Office versions including Microsoft 365 for Windows or Apple Mac.

Training is offered in a wide variety of subjects:

 Microsoft 365 Overview Microsoft Teams and Teams Phone
 Microsoft OneDrive & Sharepoint Files Microsoft Power BI
 Microsoft Project Microsfot Planner 
 Microsoft Excel   Microsoft Word 
 Microsoft Powerpoint  Microsoft Outlook
 MIcrosoft Training Device Training


"Participating I found the trainer’s ability to be extremely good, one of the top 3 trainers I have ever encountered. I have attended quite a few training sessions over my 25-year working life."

Derek was brilliant. We received all round positive comments for staff. "...there is a real buzz around council, and everyone is energised and excited."

It is such a great experience; everyone wants him to come back. We are blessed to be able to have access to someone of such a high professional manner to help our staff not just get trained but engaged and excited. Much more than I could have hoped for.


To book in a tailored session or get a quote let us know what you and your council need, and we will be in touch.

If you need more information or have any questions, please contact ALGIM at

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