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Process mapping and workflow automation platform

ALGIM leveraged deal for Flowingly

ALGIM has negotiated 15% discounted pricing our members for Flowingly customer workflow software.

This software is designed to automate your processes, elevating your customer service and reducing error occurence. Empower your team to be proactive in resolving customer issues, rather than tying up their time with menial tasks.

The no-code solution enables business teams to contribute meaningfully to process improvement initiatives, working alongside IT teams to deliver mapping and automation projects at scale. 

Flowingly helps local government organisations like Glenelg Shire Council (Australia) save 80+ weeks of admin time a year with their software. 

Flowingly helps local government entities: 
  • reduce processing time and admin workload by 81% 
  • get the right tasks to the right person at the right time 
  • give staff and customers visibility over who’s doing what and where tasks are at 
  • deliver better, more consistent customer experiences.

    Key features and functions for councils 

    Process Automation 

    Flowingly revolves around automating the processes that predominately involve human to human interaction – reducing time, complexity, approvals, handoffs and errors to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. 

    Process Mapping 

    With fully featured process mapping, Flowingly Mapping Pro is a budget-friendly option which enables businesses to take control of their processes and drive efficiencies. Mapping Pro aims to bridge the gap between enterprise-level mapping costs and the often cash-strapped public service organisations needing process mapping software. 

    No-code UI 

    Drag-and-drop no-code platform means non-technical teams can build automations with as little as three to four hours of familiarisation. 

    Teams are empowered to automate at speed, optimise processes on the fly and incentivises continuous improvement. 

    Digital forms / Public forms 

    Many local government organisations still have paper, email or PDF forms which land in a shared inbox. Flowingly helps turn forms into action by triggering an instant flow of information, notifications and tasks. 

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