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Shared Managed Detection and Response Service

Cybersecurity detection and response 24/7 - the power of a team of cybersecurity analysts looking after your council at a fraction of the cost of staffing just one analyst.

SSS IT Security Specialists are able to provide a complete service to manage your cybersecurity risks within your council with special ALGIM collaborative pricing. This pricing is only available to councils through this scheme.  It gives smaller councils the same, if not better, security than larger organisations at an affordable cost.

Local government faces many challenges posed by cybersecurity risks.  Security is complex and ever-changing making the detection, response and remediation of cybersecurity threats even harder.  Even if your council was able to employ a cybersecurity analyst, they cannot work 24/7 and cyber actors never sleep.  Any solution needs to be flexible and adapt quickly.

SSS provides a full managed Software as a Service platform to support the detection of threats and abnormalities for on-premise or cloud platforms.  The use of network-based intrusion detection together with a set of incident response and remediation services helps remediate what is found in your environment.

The service is implemented in hours,  not weeks, and provides rapid discovery and cataloging of your users, computer assets, systems, and any vulnerabilities that might exist within your council.

Pricing starts from just $1650 + GST per month and a data volume charge.

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