Manage your delegations register headaches with LocoDELEGATIONS

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Delegations registers are crucial. ALGIM with the assistance of Efinity Digital have developed LocoDelegations, an all-digital, delegations register designed specifically for Local Government.

Features of LocoDELEGATIONS

Easy to use dashboard

When the Council user logs into LocoDELEGATIONS they will always be greeted by the dashboard display of data that is important or relevant. Some of the key metrics to be displayed are:

  • Latest Delegations that have recently been added by not assigned/managed(permission dependant)
  • Renewal of Officer warrants (for access to private property etc)
  • Traffic Light display on all core functions that must be filled or completed
  • Last few recorded memos from the CE
  • Recent resolutions and actions from them

Find delegations quickly

From the dashboard, most users will switch to the delegations register and filter or search for specific acts.

  • Smart search (starts auto-populating)
  • The ability to search on any ‘key word’ over all the acts, and download one or multiple acts that cover / applicable to that ‘key word’ as a pdf
  • Management of acts, delegations, rolls and processes for those with the right permissions to do so

The latest legislation

The system will come pre-loaded with all the current New Zealand Legislation that councils have powers under. Legislation which is specific to a particular council can be added very easily by the system administrators.

This could also cover delegations in other key documents specific to each Council such as Bylaws, Policies, Procurement Manuals/Policies, and Financial Delegations etc.

Be notified

The system will be set up to send out reminders of upcoming warrant renewals and other important attributes that will expire.


Reporting will form one of the cornerstones of the system and we believe that the data that can be extracted from the system, when combined with the low cost of the solution, will help drive adoption.

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