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ALGIM is offering three unique workshops teaching you how to deliver excellent experience with every customer interaction.  Our experienced trainer has trained for companies including Countdown, Toyota, Tower Insurance, Trademe, OfficeMax, as well as New Zealand Parliament. 

We are pleased to offer three online courses each of which is three hours’ duration, delivered via Zoom.  The courses can be standalone or carried out as a block of three sessions.  These courses are tailored to local government.  There are a maximum of ten participants on each workshop so don’t miss this opportunity at a discounted price. 

These workshops will polish existing customer service skills when dealing with all situations including dealing with complaints, skills to use with a challenging/upset customer and tools to help you not become personally involved with customers’ negative emotions.  

All cameras will be on during the sessions.  We will use breakout rooms, email additional material to participants and ensure plenty of ‘movement’ so there are opportunities to engage with each other and the material.   

Included in the cost of each workshop is three months ‘on-going support after the training has been completed.  Often new ideas and behaviours take time to be implemented and we understand that.  So anytime you need some support or just want to float some ideas past us, you can get in touch. 

These workshops are $350 per person per workshop (excl.GST) . 

Workshop one: What is important in a great customer service experience? 
The fundamentals of excellent customer service 
    • Effective communications competencies 
    • Values 
    • Building rapport 
    • Listening and hearing 
    • The why 
    • Creating advocates 
    • Call control standards 
    • Working together 
    • Responding 
    • Saying no 
Workshop two: How can we understand our customer and ourselves better?

The psychology behind our interactions 

  • Our thoughts
  • Assumptions 
  • Amygdala Hijack 
  • Self-awareness 
  • Our personality styles and communication styles 
  • Focus on what we can control  
  • Boosting morale 
  • Yes but 
  • The importance of laughter 

Workshop three: Are our customers getting grumpier?
The impact of Covid and how to respond to challenging customers 

  • What makes customers challenging 
  • Causes of conflict 
  • The story of conflict 
  • Responding to different behaviour 
  • Resilience 
  • The bubbling over effect 
  • How has Covid changed the customer service experience 
  • What does this mean for the future 

Upcoming training

  • No upcoming events

If all training courses are full, please click on the latest one and join the waitlist. We will be in contact once a new course date has been set.

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