2020 ALGIM Special Awards

During the COVID crisis there has been incredible work carried out by unsung heroes throughout local government.

With our special awards programme, ALGIM wishes to recognise the amazing work done by councils in response to the COVID crisis.

These awards focus on three main areas; people, projects, and innovation.

They are open for all ALGIM members to apply - across ICT, GIS, Information/Records Management, Web & Digital, and Customer Experience disciplines.

Please enter, share your story, and be part of celebrating the successes of local government.

The awards will be presented at a special online awards ceremony on Thursday, 24 September 2020.

Nominations close 5 pm, Friday, 31 July 2020

The awards

Supportive Team Award

This award is all about the people. Whether it's your team, or another team you worked with, this award will recognise those who pulled together and made the seemingly impossible happen. It could be your customer service team shifting to a remote call centre in two days, the IT team that worked tirelessly to ensure everyone could work from home, or the comms team that kept everyone updated and in the know. Whoever it is, we want to award their hard work.

Fast-Tracked Project Award

Did you see COVID barreling toward us and suddenly realise the project you were working on would soon be a necessity? That's what this award is all about. Those projects that were already on the programme for this year, but had to be brought forward to meet your council's business needs.

New Initiatives Award

This one is all about the innovation. We've heard plenty of stories of how councils came up with brand new initiatives to keep their core business functions running, stay in communication with their communities, and ensure everyone was safe. So, if you have a new project that only came about because of COVID and its impacts, this award is for you!


Want more detail on what each award covers? We've got you sorted. Check out our award guidelines for all the criteria.

Nomination form

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