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ALGIM Vendor Training Session: Pitching and Presenting

  • 13 Feb 2024
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


  • This registration is for the whole organisation. You can bring as many attendees from your organisation. Please add the attendees as guests.


Many business owners are great at what they do but less so at promoting how great they are to clients and prospects – this stems from the Kiwi way of not blowing your own trumpet!

This training will provide some understanding on how buyers think and, in return, understanding how to increase your odds of success when presenting to clients and/or making a pitch.

Have you been unsuccessful with proposals to clients when you know you should have been successful? This training will:

  • Provide simple techniques and checklists to increase your odds of success, lower the time spent chasing business, lower the cost of sales, and increase profitability
  • Give you more time to work on your business by reducing the time writing tenders.

Who should attend the webinar:

  • Business owners (small & large)
  • Sales people
  • Line managers
  • Relationship managers
  • Project managers
  • Contract managers.

The training topics will include:

  • agile and scrum (project management technique)
  • understanding the buyer – the psychology of the buyer
  • 4 guiding principles
  • ideal client
  • pathway to the client
  • how to plan for the presentation
  • what media
  • rehearsals
  • presentation checklist
  • key things to remember
  • the $3million question to ask at a presentation.

    The materials and templates we provide are:

    • copy of slides
    • checklist before they bid
    • response checklist
    • project plan template
    • project tracking tool
    • presentation checklist

    We are happy to share the resources that we have created and you can openly utilise them with anyone you like.

    What you need to know

    • We use GoToMeeting as the online platform.
    • You will need a quiet space so there are no distractions for the participants.
    • You will receive an email with a link to the session.

    We recommend you log in ten minutes before the training session starts to ensure that you can hear and see everything. If you have any issues, please contact

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