Welcome to the new ALGIM website

We've been hard at work to bring our new website to life. With a modern, streamlined look, an integrated events and membership system, and everything accessible with a few clicks - it's easier than ever before to access all our great products and resources.

Please read through our welcome guide below, and if you have any other questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you on admin@algim.org.nz

First, if you're a council staff member, then you're a member of ALGIM. To access our resources, you'll need an account. You can follow the steps in our user guide to see how to create one. Below is a list of what resources require a log-in.

Note: You can access your profile by clicking on your name at the top of the page, after you've logged in. This shows information like your event registrations. There is also a button under your name to allow you to change your password.

IM Toolkit

To access our IM Toolkit, you'll need to be logged in. Once you're logged in, you can head to www.algim.org.nz/accessIM or using the navigation bar at the top of the page, you can go to Products and Services - Information Management - IM Toolkit - Access IM Toolkit Modules.

Note: If you have saved links from the old website, these will no longer work.

If that link does not work, or you cannot see the Access IM Toolkit Modules page, the permissions for your account may not be correct. In that case, please email admin@algim.org.nz

Customer Service Toolkit

The Customer Service Toolkit is still hosted on a separate website. If you have a bookmark/saved link for this, it will still work. Otherwise, you can email lgcstoolkit@algim.org.nz for the link, or head to our CS Toolkit page for more info on the toolkit.


Like the CS Toolkit, our popular Infobase tool is staying put at its old link, but you can access it through our Infobase page.

Conferences and Awards

Conferences and awards have been rolled into one section, to make it easier to access everything related to each conference. For example, all the information about our Autumn Conference and GIS and IRM Awards can be found by going to the Conference and Awards section on the top navigation bar, then clicking on Autumn Conference.

This section also contains our new ALGIM Hall of Fame, listing all the award winners from our conferences.

Products and Services

All our great products and services can be found under this section. This includes our toolkits, consultancy like IM Health Checks, our annual web audits and customer service mystery shops, LGTenders, cyber security, and more.

ALGIM Training Academy

Our Training Academy section includes the webinars and workshops that we are holding throughout the year. Event better, you can register for an event straight from the list of events on that page.

It also contains our white papers, and case study library.


If you're a council staff member, then no need to worry about this section - you're already an ALGIM member!

For everyone else, this contains information about different membership and partnership options with ALGIM, and the businesses that support our work and local government.

All About ALGIM

Just like the title says, this section has our contact details, latest news, who is on our Board, the ALGIM team, and a bit of history about our organisation.

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