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At ALGIM we've been involved in information management for decades. We know how complex it can be, so we've worked closely with Kerri Siatiras, an independent consultant and IM expert, to develop three great courses for local government IM professionals.

  1. Archives Management for Local Authorities
  2. IM and Recordkeeping Course
  3. IM Strategy Programme - A training, coaching and mentoring course
  4. What others have said about the training

Archives Management for Local Authorities Course

Know the basics of archive and information management, but want to develop your skills further? Then this course is for you.

Following on from our popular Introduction to IM and Recordkeeping Course, ALGIM has developed a brand-new Archives Management for Local Authorities Course.

This is an intermediate-level course for those who already know the basics of archives and information management.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including the following:

  • Core archival concepts and terminology
  • Accessioning
  • Archives Management Policy
  • Preservation and handling
  • Conservation
  • Digitisation
  • Digital archives
  • Restrictions on access
  • Working with volunteers
  • Developing an archives management programme

The details

  • Each session will be from 10.00am to 11.30am. 
  • There will be homework/readings between each session.
  • We will use GoTo Meeting as the platform.
  • Each participant will need a microphone and a webcam.
  • The maximum number of attendees will be 8.
  • Each participant will receive an email with a link to each session.
  • Please ensure you have a quiet space to participate in the course.

Time: Seven 90 minute sessions
Cost: $550+gst per person

Online IM and Recordkeeping Course

ALGIM has adapted their popular two-day, in-person training course into an online Introduction to IM and Recordkeeping Course, delivered by Kerri Siatiras.

This involves seven modules or sessions of 90 minutes each, with a workbook sent out to participants prior to each session. 

You can see the latest courses above. If it is full, please join the waitlist and we'll notify you when another becomes available.

The course covers the following:

  • Defining IM and recordkeeping
  • Legislation and standards - covering PRA, LGOIMA etc
  • Disaster recovery
  • Storage and Handling
  • Creation and Control of Information and Records
  • Physical file management
  • Metadata
  • Email
  • Databases
  • Shared drives
  • Electronic document and records management systems
  • Digitisation
  • Managing non-current records
  • Disposal of information
  • Local Authority Archives

The details

  • Each session will be from 10.00am to 11.30am
  • We will use GoTo Meeting as the platform.
  • Each participant will need a microphone and a webcam.
  • Each participant will need a quiet space/office to ensure no distractions for the other participants.
  • The maximum number of attendees will be 8.
  • Each participants will receive an email with a link to each session.

Time: Seven 90 minute sessions
Cost: $450+gst per person

Information Management Strategy Programme – a training, coaching and mentoring course

An Information Management (IM) Strategy is an essential tool for Council as it enables effective planning for the management of information prioritising IM initiatives and linking IM initiatives to overarching business strategies and plans. 

ALGIM are excited to be able to offer this unique IM Strategy programme. It is more than just an online course. As well as scheduled online class sessions, it includes coaching and one on one mentoring to support attendees in the development of an IM Strategy for their Council.

There is a minimum number of 8 attendees required to run this programme.  

The cost is $1200.00 plus GST per individual

The programme consists of 7 x 1.5 hour on-line sessions plus two one-to-one sessions with Kerri.

The outline of the IM Strategy Programme

Week One – three online sessions

  • Module 1 – Setting the scene, understanding why your organisation needs an IM strategy and overview of the development process
  • Module 2 – Looking at the big picture and context for IM
  • Module 3 – Understanding the development process and IM principles

Weeks Two and Three - outside of class exercise  

  • Planning and preparation for development of your strategy

Week Four – three online sessions

  • Module 4 – Exploring current IM challenges
  • Module 5 – Developing skill sets to meet IM challenges
  • Module 6 – Turning strategy into action

Weeks Five and Six - outside of class exercise 

  • Developing a 90-day action plan and making a start on developing your IM strategy

Week Seven – one online session

  • Module 7 - understanding realistic goals, measuring improvements, reflection and next steps

Follow up sessions:

1st follow-up one on one session – One month later

  • a 1-hour online discussion between attendee and Kerri about what has been achieved, any barriers to achieving the goals identified for the first 30 days and brainstorming about how to address those barriers

2nd follow-up one on one session - scheduled once draft IM Strategy has been completed by attendee

  • a 1-hour online discussion between attendee and Kerri about their draft IM Strategy (which will have provided for input and review)

What did people say about the training Courses?

"The breadth of topics covered was over the entire span of records and gave me some good ideas to follow up within our organisation as both an archivist and member of digital transformation steering group. Kerri's experience of both records and archives, as well as working with large institutions, was of great help when asking targeted questions."

"I have to say that I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the basics of what good IM & Record Keeping is all about. There was a lot that I did not already know, which will help to provide a new lens in the way we look at IM here at GWRC. Thanks again Kerri!"

"Kerri is a fantastic trainer and it is the first course I have really enjoyed."

"The presenter has excellent knowledge and delivery"

"The pace of the Local Authorities archives management course was excellent and having a session every couple of days encouraged me to complete my homework promptly, so it was not able to fall off my radar."

"All aspects of the workshop were valuable, however I particularly found the classification structures, metadata and the discussion about key legislations and standards most valuable."

"I really enjoyed learning about all the layers/aspects of records management, some of which I had not known of before but made sense and added depth. Thank you!"

"Really enjoyed the course and learnt some very valuable information."

"The workbooks were and will continue to be a valuable reference source"

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